Our Swachh Biomedical Waste

Discover our Biomedical Waste Management Rule 2016 Automation Framework

‘ New Bio-Medical Waste Management Rules will Change The way Country Used to Manage Waste Earlier; Make a Big Difference to Clean India Mission ’ by Shri Prakash Javadekar, Union Minister of State (IC) Environment, Forest & Climate Change





Barcode Label

5 Color Category


Barcode Scan

Mobile Scanners


Digital Scale

Integrated Weight


GPS Devices

Live Tracking


IP Camera

Online Monitoring

How it Works

Live Monitoring of Waste Segregation, Collection, Transfer and Dispose at CBWTF.

Segregate the Waste

Segregate the biomedical waste in an appropriate color bag, Stick a same color barcode label and Place the Bags in the Waste Collection Area

Scale the Weight

Measure the Weight by digital scale, Every Category weight scaled and stored during the waste collection process by CBWTF transport

Satisfy with eReceipt

Receive an instant eReceipt with the details of Invoice number, Quantity and weight of every color category collected by CBWTF transport


We provide Collection, Transportation, Treatement Facility for Biomedical Waste with an excellency in Training for HCF



Collecting and Transporting the Biomedical waste from HCF to our CBWTF at CEE CHAMP office at Gulbarga


Our Team and their excellency in CEE CHAMP

“Developed and fabricated safety equipment for BMW”

Credited with design, development and implementation of Common Healthcare waste Appropriate Management Plant (CHAMP) at Gulbarga, Karnataka to demonstrate how using eco-friendly and health safety methods, bio-medical waste can be source separated, stored, treated and disposed to avoid injury, infection and mortality among the healthcare workers and the general community.

Dr. (Ms.) Shyamala Mani,

Programme Director, Waste and Resource Management (WaRM) group, Centre for Environment Education (CEE)

“Involved in developing a comprehensive manual on BMW”

Ms. Banerjee was a part of the team in designing and developing the "Healthcare Establishment Waste Management & Education Programme” (HEWMEP) and the National Kit of educational material on biomedical waste management. She was also involved as a team member for conducting the cross sectional scenario and compliance of BMWM Rules, 1998 by the healthcare establishments of Delhi.

Ms. Reema Banerjee

Programme Coordinator, Waste and Resource Management (WaRM) group, CEE

“Developed 15 model govt. hospitals in Orissa on BMWM”

Coordinating development of a ‘Knowledge and Information Centre’ on Waste Management in Bhubaneswar through which a series of educational materials are being translated in Oriya. Ms. Das worked with Orissa Health System Development Project (OHSDP) and World Bank in developing 15 model govt. hospitals in Orissa on BMWM. She conducted a citywide campaign in all the govt. and private HCEs of Bhubaneswar, Orissa to assess their methods and handling of BMW.

Ms. Ruchismita Das

Programme Officer, Waste and Resource Management (WaRM) group, CEE

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Implement Guidelines for Management of Healthcare Waste in Health Care Facilities and CBWTF